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Daylight Savings Time: How to Adjust

“Gee Willikers, Martha! Why do we have to change the clocks?” “Because it’s Daylight Savings Time, Herb. We spring forward and fall backward because it saves energy, or because it promotes shopping, or because it gave farmers more time to work, or because Ben Franklin invented it. I don’t know, Herb! Stop asking questions!” “Ham […]

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Updated Ghost II Officially Debuts in Geneva

How does a car company compete against Gulfstream jets for the attentions of customers? This question was put to Rolls-Royce Motor Cars CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös by a television journalist at the unveiling of the new Ghost II. Müller-Ötvös’s answer was as subtly and skillfully crafted as the new iteration of the five-year-old Ghost saloon. (more…)

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