Demand For Rolls-Royce Highest in Four Years

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We try very hard in our blog to avoid the more mundane headlines that other publications might take up, so we promise that although today’s missive carries the appearance of accounting, there is a bigger point.

The automaker has now had four straight record-breaking sales years in a row, an encouraging sign that the world’s super-affluent are still super-affluent and still find roads a palatable experience from time to time.

The company’s largest market is China, though the U.S. remains a top market.

Perhaps the biggest number to come from the company’s figures is not the total number of cars sold, nor the amount of bespoke models commissioned. Rather, we think it is that yearly revenue has jumped 30 percent from last year. Thirty percent in a single year is staggering when you consider that the number of vehicles sold from last year to this only increased 2.6 percent.

The reason? Bespoke detailing. About 95 percent of vehicles ordered in 2013 received bespoke treatment. Customers were more likely to like their Wraith just fine as it was with Phantoms and Ghosts receiving more custom treatments.

Interestingly, even though Asian markets are Rolls-Royce’s most sizable, they are the least interested in bespoke details. The highest interest in personalization actually comes from the Middle East, with the U.S. and Europe taking second or third place depending on which model you evaluate.

That said, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös said that the company will not overpush volume, which would rob the brand of its cachet.

What do you think of the company’s sales figures? Are they the mark of good health or do you have different ideas about direction and goals? By all means, share any alternative strategies you might have; we’d love to hear them.

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