Ghost Series II Shown in “No Ordinary Power” Video

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The challenge of making a video about the Ghost Series II is significant. You have a car with so much thought put into it and yet a medium like video favors visuals. No one—aside from Gordon Ramsay—likes to have text read at them for the duration of a commercial, so you have to keep your words few. How do you avoid generalities and buzzwords like, “Innovation. Power. Technology. Design”?

One approach is to create a short film that blends still photography, time-lapse photography, and video-capture. Paradoxically, utilizing the absence of movement might be the best way to show off a car, which, after all, moves. The Ghost Series II video, “No Ordinary Power,” was shot in a desert with huge open skies and gorgeous composites of purple, oranges and blues in the twilight. Thanks to the sparing beauty of the rocks and landscape, the skies and clouds were able to tell as much of the story as the Ghost.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars put together two videos: the first is the commercial and the second is a featurette showing how the commercial was made. We recommend watching the making-of video first to appreciate the camera-on-rails work and multiple cameras that create shots that would otherwise go unnoticed. With your eye properly trained, enjoy the introduction of the Ghost Series II.

Ghost Series II Shown in “No Ordinary Power” Video was last modified: January 6th, 2015 by Rolls-Royce Raleigh


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