Here’s What we Know About the New Top Gear, and Amazon’s New Show

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Now that Jeremy Clarkson is finished clobbering heads at the BBC, Top Gear fans are wondering three things: 1) Will Chris Evans be the only host of the new Top Gear? 2) When will the old cast’s Amazon show debut?, and 3) Will Chris Evans and Jeremy Clarkson duke-it-out for gear-head dominance?

Chris Evans and BBC’s Top Gear

If you hadn’t heard, Chris Evans (as pictured below) is currently the only confirmed host for BBC’s Top Gear. Scheduled to premiere on May 8th, BBC’s legendary show will star the irreverent English presenter, known for his eclectic sense of humor, and love for Ferrari’s.

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Evans has worked in broadcasting and radio for many years, and was at one time Britain’s highest-paid entertainer. He has also had a few run-ins with previous employers, and has been criticized by a High Court judge for having “the temperament of a prima donna.”

Evans signed a three-year contract with the BBC after vehemently stating he would never replace Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear. Odd, but we get it – Evans is just a fallible human like the rest of us. Let’s just hope this time around he doesn’t stop going to work because of a change in programming.

Jeremy, James, and Hammond

No one knows what the old Top Gear squad will call their newest show, but we do know that Amazon has signed a 36-episode contract with the trio. What’s even more exciting, is that Amazon is rumored to have set a budget of $7 million per episode, which is up from the $1.5 million the BBC was allotting. That means more haphazard adventures, more hysterical banter, and (hopefully) an unlimited supply of catered food and bozo bop punching bags.

In Clarkson’s column, published by The Sunday Times, he described the new show.

“It’s going to be all new. New name. New segments. New ideas. Everything is different. Apart from James May, obviously, who is still in 1953. And Richard Hammond, who still doesn’t quite understand anything.”

Filming has already begun, but a release date and name for the show has yet to be announced. We’re hoping to see the new episodes hit screens sometime in early 2016. That is, so long as Jeremy Clarkson can keep his hands to himself.

We’re looking forward to the new Top Gear and the new Amazon series here at Rolls-Royce Raleigh. In our eyes, there’s room for both shows to thrive in their own fashion. So to those involved in both shows we say: Break a leg!

Except you, Clarkson.

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