New Chief Interior Designer Brings Futuristic Style From BMW

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Daniel Starke

Daniel Starke

Ah, Starke, your futuristic designs and ultra-sharp knowledge of engineering and technology are going to make Rolls-Royce Motor Cars look very cool. If only your first name were Tony.

Instead, Daniel Starke is the name of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars’ new head of interior design. While it would have been preferable if he had experience designing an armored exoskeleton to pilot in the Marvel franchise movies, we will have to do with his pedigree, such as it is.

Starke comes from BMW where he has been interior design chief for the i series since 2009. BMW’s i series is most known for the i3 and i8 vehicles. They are the kind of cars that attract notice at auto shows. The i3 is a small, all-electric vehicle with a penchant for carbon fiber. The i8 is a muscular GT roadster that looks like a spaceship.

Because Rolls-Royce has a tradition of more staid exterior designs, the choice of Starke for the interior is interesting. Rolls-Royce could have gone with, say, an interior designer from an aviation or yachting company.

Or maybe the designer of BMW’s more comfort-centered model lines: the 7-series sedan, for example, or the X5 SAV. Or they could have gotten really crazy and tried to poach a high-profile outsider from another auto company.

Instead, Rolls-Royce chose a designer within BMW’s most avant garde model lines. With Starke’s experience producing envelope-pushing interiors that are appropriate for production vehicles, this is clearly a move to inject energy into the insides of Rolls-Royces.

One article recently pointed out that many of our buyers are new money: entrepreneurs and business people who create jobs, manage active companies and are highly business savvy. They want Rolls-Royce for the heritage it possesses, but they also want to stay connected and feel modern.

The choice of Starke is an excellent move in that direction.

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