Introducing the 2014 Rolls-Royce Wraith

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Ever since the Bentley Continental GT showed up in 2003, Rolls-Royce has been searching for the proper response. Rolls-Royce debuted its own new model, the Phantom, in 2003. A stately new vehicle with four doors grounded in luxury and heft, it succeeded in drawing some interest, but it was not quite the counterpoint that Rolls-Royce needed. Then in 2009 came the Ghost, also a four-door vehicle, which maintained a posture that could be characterized as “aggressive” at times. Perhaps even “formidable” from certain angles. But still the Continental GT maintained its hold on the luxury with a hint of muscle.

For 2014, however, it seems that Rolls-Royce has finally had enough of the park terrace comparisons, and has released a vehicle so thoroughly designed that it’s impossible to not see it as the assault on Bentley that it is.

The Wraith, in a word, is hungry.

Hungry for stoplight comparisons of its 17-foot, two-door design with the GT’s. Hungry for upcoming hills that its internal GPS will detect and downshift accordingly so all you feel is uninterrupted, stable power. Hungry for every bump and aberration of the road to be muffled in totality by its intelligent suspension. Hungry for external noises to be muted and deflected by the chamber of leather and wood that surrounds the interior. Hungry to provide the apex-levels of luxury that Rolls-Royce has always been known for, and always should be.

For a full review, we recommend Left Lane News’s analysis. And of course, for a more personal introduction, call or drop-in to our Raleigh location.

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