Majestic Horse Ghost Says Happy Chinese New Year!

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Rolls-Royce has a special trim for the Ghost line of vehicles that celebrates the Chinese New Year, which starts today. 2014 is the Year of the Horse according to the Chinese zodiac calendar, with commemorations happening across the world on January 31, the beginning of the Spring Festival.

To honor the event, Rolls-Royce is producing a limited quantity of Majestic Horse Ghosts. Special hides have been selected for the upholstery, and because 2014 is the first time in 50 years that wood and horse appear together, the interior will be finished entirely in wood. Many Rolls-Royce vehicles use a single tree for all interior wood, and it is likely that the Majestic Horse Ghost will utilize this design choice.

A select number of horse and/or mare motifs occupy tasteful locations in the cabin, either by hand-stitched markings or applied paint on wood. This version of the Ghost will also include rear pillows with Rolls-Royce’s horse design. Inspiration for these interior decorations was drawn from classical interpretations of Chinese art.

The engine will be the same 12-cylinder configuration with 563 horsepower that powers current models of the Ghost, although it might be possible to upgrade to V-Specification, which would add an extra 30 horsepower.

To speak with a representative about availability of this historic model, please see our website, telephone, or stop by impromptu; we would be glad to receive you.

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