Man Buys Dream Rolls-Royce From Grey Poupon Commercials

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Photo: Wall Street Journal

Photo: Wall Street Journal

One of the things we see often is that a lot of people like Rolls-Royce. For many, owning a Rolls-Royce is a lifelong dream; when it finally comes true, the payoff is almost too wonderful to describe.

Thankfully, one such person was kind enough to sit down with the Wall Street Journal and talk about his 1963 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III. Wayne Schooling, of Lakewood, California, grew up seeing Rolls-Royce in commercials for Grey Poupon mustard.

Though it might sound a bit funny to us now, Grey Poupon had this whole theme going of refinement, class, and luxury being neatly tied up in this small glass bottle of dressing. Strings play spiritedly in the background as a commercial unfolds entirely inside a Rolls-Royce, butler up front, and well-suited gentleman preparing his own luncheon in the back.

That image stuck with Schooling. A few years ago, a friend called to say that he had an old Rolls-Royce for sale. The inside was a garish blue velour, and there were many other elements that needed restoration. For Schooling, however, it was a no-brainer.

“I had more fun driving it in the first hour,” Schooling says, “than all other cars I’ve had put together. It turned more heads, got more thumbs up—people just love it.”

That’s what a Rolls-Royce does. No matter what era, no matter what condition, it’s a vehicle that always remains true to itself. People are attracted to this. With only 2,500 Silver Cloud III’s ever made, it’s safe to say that this a rare car. Schooling is a lucky guy, and it sounds like he knows it.

Hear more from Schooling over at the Wall Street Journal. To see what modern Rolls-Royces are for sale in Raleigh, stop by our showroom at your convenience.

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