New Wraith Images Suggest Possible Wraith V-Spec

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Photo: Auto Blog

Although we cannot confirm anything officially, there are some images of a Rolls-Royce Wraith circulating around the Internet as we speak. What makes these images newsworthy is the introduction to the front and rear of additional wind spoilers. Wind spoilers are used to deflect wind and are most often employed by cars with a performance focus. While the Wraith is the most powerful Rolls-Royce to date, these spoilers are new.

There are a few options about what this could mean:

  • This is a glimpse into a Wraith V-Spec
  • This is a glimpse into a Wraith Series II
  • This is a glimpse into a Wraith 2016 model
  • This is a glimpse into a Wraith Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Taking these in order, the idea of a Wraith V-Spec makes a certain amount of sense. V-Spec is currently a designation for the Ghost. It represents a more performance-centered model. The Ghost V-Spec first appeared early this spring. Chronologically speaking a Wraith V-Spec appearing in early spring of 2015 could make some sense. It would mean stronger horsepower and torque numbers for the Wraith.

The Ghost Series II also appeared this year, and introduced mainly cosmetic changes. However, the Ghost was a bit more due for an upgrade as it had been largely unchanged since its 2010 beginning. The Wraith first appeared in 2013, and two years would be an unusually short incubation period for a facelift.

A 2016 Wraith could make some sense as these tweaks, at least the exterior ones we can see, are very minor indeed. It would mean that all Wraiths would have these new wind deflectors, not just the uber-performance-minded ones. If this is true, however, then Rolls-Royce is tipping its hand extremely early as the 2015 models have just appeared.

And finally, a PHEV version of the Wraith. We mention this because PHEVs can produce sizable increases in vehicle power, which would fit the performance nature of the spotted deflectors. We also know that Rolls-Royce is investigating an SUV that would possibly use PHEV tech; might the automaker be prototyping that power in its newest vehicle? Time will tell.

In any case we would like to extend an invitation to our Rolls-Royce fans in Tennessee; we would be delighted to receive you, so feel free to contact us at your leisure.

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