The Goldmaker Who Drove A Rolls to Work for 77 Years

What’s the longest you’ve owned a car? No matter what your answer is, it can’t top the late Allen Swift and his 1928 Piccadilly Phantom 1 Roadster. Swift took ownership of his Rolls-Royce in 1928 and logged at least 170,000 miles on it until his death in 2005. It’s a beautiful car, featuring a two-tone […]

30 Offbeat Vacation Spots for the Holidays

Whether you celebrate the holidays at this time of year, or are planning a vacation just because you need one, it can be helpful to get some fresh ideas for travel. We travel to places that are familiar because it’s comforting to do so, but going someplace new is a good thing! Consider the words […]

Introducing the 2014 Rolls-Royce Wraith

Ever since the Bentley Continental GT showed up in 2003, Rolls-Royce has been searching for the proper response. Rolls-Royce debuted its own new model, the Phantom, in 2003. A stately new vehicle with four doors grounded in luxury and heft, it succeeded in drawing some interest, but it was not quite the counterpoint that Rolls-Royce […]

Welcome to the New Blog

The goal of this blog is this: to bring you fascinating and important stories about Rolls-Royce that add value to your life. They could be how-to posts, community events, videos, Rolls-Royce news, ask an expert posts, Q&As, reviews, customer experiences, tutorials, DIY projects, awesome things we come across in our online travels, or a whole […]

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