Rolls-Royce Documentary Reveals Goodwood Glory

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Although it would be difficult to trade the onset of spring in Carolina with whatever weather London is experiencing, we kind of wish that we were there today. For among the many historical and modern charms of the famous city, there exists one reason to stay in on a Friday night and switch on the television: Rolls-Royce granted documentarians six months of camera access to its Goodwood facilities for a special about the company that will air at 9 p.m. their time.

“Inside Rolls-Royce” will capture the extraordinary measure of hand-crafting that has given the automaker legendary status, as well as the ultra-modern technologies that assist the company’s workers. Stories abound about how every car takes 60 pairs of hands to assemble across, and as much as six months of work—this documentary will let you see much of that craftsmanship as it happens. The auto firm has achieved such success with its vehicles that its Goodwood facility has recently hired 100 additional workers to keep up with demand.

In particular the documentary will focus on the Celestial Phantom. This one-off was built in 2013 to celebrate the Phantom’s 10th anniversary of production. To make the car special, it receives a special version of the starliner roof, a favorite option among customers that typically uses more than a thousand hand-cut optical fibers of varying lengths to simulate a starry sky. In the Celestial Phantom, LED lights are used instead of fiber optics, and the constellation arrangement is actually a reproduction of the night sky of January 1, 2013, in Goodwood.

The interior of the Celestial Phantom incorporates 446 diamonds—hand-set, of course—in the door panels, center console and privacy partition. Infinitesimal particles of glass have also been laid into the Phantom’s paint to foster a range of dimension and light signature utterly unparalleled in automobile finishes. A hand-engraved picnic set of glassware is included which features both the celestial motif and representations of the January 1 constellations. The interior leather color is “dusk” and the Spirit of Ecstasy is uplit.

Rolls-Royce says the Celestial Phantom is, “the most valuable Bespoke Rolls-Royce ever created.”

In this digital age you can view “Inside Rolls-Royce” here.

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