Rolls-Royce Driving: Wraith vs. Ghost In Abu Dhabi

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If you ask Google (or Siri), there isn’t much that separates a Ghost from a Wraith. Put the two very real vehicular embodiments of these words on the track, however, and you can feel the differences for yourself (particularly in terms of G-forces).

That’s precisely what writer Rahul Jones did recently on assignment in Abu Dhabi. Rolls-Royce was hosting a driving event in the Middle Eastern country, perhaps to show that the mechanics and craftsmanship of the English made auto is quite resilient in heat and climate of the more southern country.

Along with several other VIP members, the Rolls-Royce staff introduced them to the Wraith’s backstory—no doubt assuming that those present were more up-to-date on the Ghost—then set them loose on the track: three laps.

Of the Ghost, Jones writes, “As we took it for a drive, we found out the Ghost to be very well-insulated and smooth. While stable around the corners, the driver will wish for a little less body roll, while the passenger would be relaxing. On wide-open throttle, the Ghost takes off like a beast, but the roar of the 6.6-litre twin-turbo V12 is muted inside the cabin. As it picked up to speeds over 160 kph, we hardly noticed it.”

The Ghost after all has four doors to the Wraith’s two, and was introduced some three years ago. The Wraith has the same twin-turbo V-12, but the years have been kind to technology, and allow the Wraith about 60 more horsepower.

That extra bit of roiling fury showed up while driving, though Jones would not say outright that it made the Wraith capable of higher speeds: “During our drive time, we discovered the sharper edge in the way it drove. The wheelbase being shorter and car being lighter, we felt it handled better. The Wraith gets the same engine as its four-door sibling, but tweaked up to 624 hp. When we hit the straight, tapping the gas makes the engine roar louder than the completely-silenced Ghost. Rolls-Royce has noticeably made their coupe the more enthusiastic car.”

The opportunity to test a Ghost against a Wraith on the track is something that many of us are not likely to encounter in our lifetimes. For photos and a full account of this event, click for more. Or if you want to evaluate the two in person, stop by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Raleigh.

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