Rolls-Royce Allows Historic First-Use In Video Game

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If something isn’t real, what value does it have? When it comes to Rolls-Royce and the use of its cars in the popular video game “Forza Motorsport 5” the answer is apparently “quite a lot.”

Despite the enormous amount of beautiful cars that gamers have piloted over the years in virtual environs, Rolls-Royce is one brand that has remained off the animated track. Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches and BMWs are available to anyone willing to pick up a controller and shoot across famous tracks like the Laguna Seca Speeday. The storied British brand from Goodwood, however, has elected to remain above the din until now.


Because Rolls-Royce Motor Cars puts so much time and detail into creating its cars, the automaker has been unwilling to let video games companies use its models, even virtually, unless they were able to provide an equal level of detail in the computer-animated world. As video game consoles have become increasingly technologically advanced and able to render even the minutest of elements, Rolls-Royce has made a historic decision to allow one of its models to be used for the first time ever in a video game.

The Rolls-Royce Wraith is now available in Forza 5. Because Rolls-Royce has never geared itself as a racing or performance centric automaker, it’s a testament to the Wraith’s attractive designs and formidable engine that it could look appropriate on a track. Still, headquarters at Goodwood had strict demands.


The Wraith has been so thoroughly created within the game that it took Forza’s team eight months to design. According to TechnoBuffalo, “For a bit of perspective, the Nurburgring track, which is four times longer than any other track in the game, took about 9 months to build, over 13,000 man-hours…” The Nurburgring is known the world over as one of the largest and most expansive race tracks in the world.

The idea that Rolls-Royce would insist on almost as much time spent designing a single one of its cars as the team spent designing the Nurburgring is astonishing.

The Wraith is now available as a downloadable content update.

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