Rolls-Royce Launches New ‘White Glove’ Driver Training Program

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Andi McCann, head instructor of the Rolls-Royce White Glove driver program.

Andi McCann, head instructor of the Rolls-Royce White Glove driver program.

As a Rolls-Royce owner, you might know that one of the most challenging aspects of ownership is finding a good driver. Oftentimes we do our own driving, but it can be expedient to enlist the services of a trained professional. To fill in this gap, Rolls-Royce is restoring an antiqued tradition: the White Glove driver training program.

For a fee, you can send your driver, or even yourself, to Rolls-Royce headquarters in Goodwood. Drivers choose from two tracks: paramilitary security education or elegant driving curriculum. Both courses include a solid grounding in the philosophy of Rolls-Royce driving. That philosophy begins, paradoxically, perhaps inevitably, with how you dress at the start of the day.

Drivers are taught to dress fastidiously without attracting attention. A dark suit, dark tie and black shoes create a seen-but-not-heard aura that both pleases clientele and orients drivers to their role. Outlook covers every aspect of driving—how one applies the brake, where one sets one’s gaze—and Rolls-Royce believes that the performance of a driver begins long before he or she opens a coach door.

From there you can get to some of the specifics that your common chauffeur might overlook: aligning all switches and knobs before the client enters the vehicle; arranging the curtains in a synchronized fashion; and never walking in front of the car—crossing paths with the Spirit of Ecstasy is a faux pas that a properly trained driver would never dream of.

Because many Rolls-Royce owners place a near priceless value on discretion, drivers are skilled in opening doors in such a way that shields passengers—including the emerging one—from photography and prying eyes. With the cooperation of a doorman or valet, this operation can be completed for each of the doors in order.

If this is a program that might interest you, contact our desk to explore White Glove in greater detail. We are quite willing to accommodate residents of any state, and wish to extend a special welcome to our Rolls-Royce friends in Virginia.

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