Rolls-Royce Shows Vehicle Philosophy At Saatchi Gallery, London

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Photo: The Telegraph

Photos: The Telegraph

Although most of the automobile industry has been gathered in Los Angeles this week for the auto show that offers a last burst of news and showing off before everyone retreats into Holiday parties and family endeavors, Rolls-Royce, as is their wont, was absent.

Instead of lining the floors of the California convention center, Rolls pre-empted the show with a welcoming, interactive exhibit of its own for people to learn more about the philosophy and artistry of its vehicles. This event, called “Inside Rolls-Royce” was held November 13-16 in London.

Occupying two floors of the Saatchi Gallery on King’s Road, Rolls-Royce asked participants to download an app before visiting. This allowed the exhibit’s nine chambers to be almost entirely devoid of written information, letting the full visual impact of the presentation do its work.


One room showcased the different stages Rolls-Royce’s famous umbrellas go through to enter a coach door. A series of brilliantly colored umbrellas against the stark white walls and floor highlights each individual moment in the process. Visitors learn that the umbrellas, which are made of Kevlar, are kept heated within the Rolls-Royce’s doors so as to prevent mold from forming.

Another room presents the entire rear suspension of the Ghost, axle and all, unadorned. The trivia fact here is that the stability control is so finely tuned that it can detect when the driver shifts his or her weight in their seat. Such a degree of control is made all the more apparent when you can see how massive and industrial is the instrument that records so light a change.


The Telegraph, a London newspaper, has a more thorough and extensive rundown of the awe-inspiring exhibits as they were, you know, in London to observe it. We highly recommend giving their article a look.

We want to extend a welcome to our Rolls-Royce friends in South Carolina; feel free to stop by or make an appointment.

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