Rolls-Royce Posting On Instagram Like There’s No Tomorrow

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As owners and/or fans of Rolls-Royce, you know that the tone of the brand involves a lot of heritage, tradition, and historical continuity. You might be surprised, therefore, to know that Rolls-Royce has an active Instagram account with a sizable following.

Instagram is a popular photo sharing and editing app for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. It is one of the world’s most downloaded apps with about 200 million monthly users and more than 20 billion images shared to date. In 2012 Instagram was acquired by social media juggernaut Facebook for $1 billion.


Looking at Rolls-Royce’s channel on Instagram, you can see a near daily presentation of gorgeous images. The appeal of the app is its photo-improving software. Borrowing the term “filter” from the transparent caps that film photographers used to affix to their cameras, Instagram offers anyone the ability to make their images look artistic and well-studied.

Rolls-Royce’s channel is composed primarily of images of the brand’s vehicles in various locales, although there are some exceptions. At the start of the World Cup in mid-June, a green, yellow and blue football with the Rolls-Royce crest was set on a stand with the Flying Lady, a subtle nod to the let the games begin.


In May, a #throwbackthursday post showed Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco in her Silver Cloud several decades ago. A post from April picked two unique animals—a peacock and a lizard—and then colored a pair of Wraiths to match. A shot from February showed a former 007, Pierce Brosnan, stepping out of his Ghost, and a close-up from November shows a master craftsman at work, sketching a computer-aided design.

Images are becoming increasingly popular in our digitally focused world, so we’re glad to see Rolls-Royce embracing the times and its fans. Download the app and you too can be a part of the conversation.

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