Rolls-Royce Says SUV Announcement Definitely Coming in 2015

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Photo: Top Gear

Photo: Top Gear

And in the ancient times, when the Oracle spake and formed the everlasting decrees, there were rumors, even then, of a Rolls-Royce SUV. Simulations were run between SUV shaped rocks and lightpost shaped rocks. Drivetrains were formed out of fire and flint. Papyrus was unraveled and shown how previous layers of SUV schematics had been brushed over.

And behind all of this, Rolls-Royce was coy.

Although we have only been writing this blog for a year, even we have grown a bit wary of SUV red herrings. So too, however, has chief executive Torsten Müller-Ötvös. This whole business of will they or won’t they has to stop, the hammer says. “…we will make the announcement on whether we are doing it or not doing it in 2015.”

We think that his grammar is a bit shaky and that what he meant was, “…we will make the announcement in 2015 on whether we are doing it or not doing it.” Either way, something official is coming this year from Rolls-Royce regarding their SUV project.

The challenge can be found in the name. Sport and Utility, those key parts of “SUV” aren’t really in Rolls-Royce’s dictionary. Our cars aren’t about being sporty, nor are we too concerned with utility. Unlike other luxury automakers which have to make some concessions to reality in pursuit of customers, Rolls-Royce is a high-end automaker.

About 80 percent of our customers are entrepreneurs and innovators. These are people who aren’t concerned with doing things like everyone else. If an SUV is going to appear in our stable, it will have to fill just the right niche.

And with 2014 seeing more Rolls-Royce’s sold than at any other point in our 111 year history (4,063 cars, to be exact), it’s not clear that any such niche exists. Still, 2015 could be something of a turning point for Rolls-Royce.

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