Rolls-Royce Schools Elementary Kids in Sciences and Maths

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As his hands flexed on the steering wheel and he waited for the swipe of the green flag, the racer from March CE only had one question: did his mom remember to pack his juice box? The car’s driver was one of 10 English kids near Rolls-Royce’s headquarters in Goodwood, England. They were on a special assignment: to concept, design, build and race a car of their very own against classmates from other schools.

The “Greenpower IET Formula Goblin Race” was a local event held at the Goodwood Motor Circuit designed to get kids interested in automobiles, racing and the field of engineering. The car, an electric model, was an original model produced by the kids themselves. The 9, 10, and 11-year-olds held a group discussion, settled on a vision, then were aided by Rolls-Royce bespoke designers. At the end of the day, though their car didn’t take first place, it did receive the award for “Best Bodywork.”


We have written extensively on this blog about Rolls-Royce’s efforts to give children training not only in product management and engineering, but also in the sciences and maths. Today marks the first time we’ve documented Rolls-Royce going below the high school level in their quest to sow the seeds of tomorrow’s industry. Many kids aren’t aware of the career opportunities that exist in the world of STEM, and can benefit from a fun introduction.

More than that, a lot of kids think that science and math aren’t for them because they’re hard or because of a “nerdiness” perception. We hope that events like this week’s will be duplicated here in the U.S. to get more kids interested in STEM. It could be as simple as building a model out of craft glue or taking an introductory programming course. Whatever way you can foster interest in these areas, you will be doing our nation’s youth a favor.


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