What’s New In The Ghost Series II?

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With the arrival of the Ghost Series II, some people have been wondering what is new. The Series II is actually quite similar to the Series I which ran from 2010 – 2014. Rolls-Royce opted to implement a suite of subtle, unified changes to distinguish the two series in minor ways. Any major changes will be left to a larger generational redesign around five years from now. In the meantime, we are happy to point out what Series II owners can expect.

For the exterior, the most significant changes are from the A-Pillars—the beams that bracket the windshield—to the Spirit of Ecstasy. Every element of the front hood has been changed in some slight way. The overall effect takes the Series II in a slightly different direction. Most noticeably, the head lights are now separated into four components.

Internally, the biggest change was the addition of the satellite-aided transmission first introduced in the Wraith last year. This transmission is the first in the world to use GPS location to pre-shift the car into the correct gear. It means the car has X-Ray vision and makes gear changes before a driver could know they are necessary. In practical terms, this is a technology meant not to be noticed, and recedes into the background.

Acute observers will notice that owners now have more options in the type and style of the door umbrellas—canopy colors and beading choices—but everything else is largely the same as before. A more powerful engine can still be chosen via the V-Specification that Rolls-Royce debuted earlier this year.

One tidbit of trivia we were reminded of concerns the leather used in seats. Taken from bulls just two-years old, this leather is remarkably soft and blemish-free. The bulls are raised on free-range ranches in elevations in excess of 2,000 feet so as to avoid mosquitos and the most miniscule of scarring that they cause. It’s a detail that goes so far into the quality experience that it makes us all the more appreciative as we drive.

As your Rolls-Royce destination for North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee, we would be pleased to see you.

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