Our YouTube Channel Is Excited About Phantoms and Snowplows

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Well, that’s weird.

Rolls-Royce has an impressive YouTube channel. You can watch all sorts of master craftspeople demonstrate their exquisite skills by building our vehicles in exacting detail.

Lots of strings and dramatic music accompany shots of mysterious billionaires being chauffeured around the globe. Drums pound and the skies flash by. It’s all very specific.

Which is why the latest video to appear on our channel is a bit of a mystery. Is it that famous English sense of humor? A bit of a laugh for Boxing Day? Leftover resentment for the Muppet version of Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol?

All these and more. “Rolls-Royce Snowplough” is 76 seconds of barely anything at all. Just a man driving his Rolls-Royce out in the middle of a snowstorm in glorious standard-definition. Seriously, you can count these pixels. You can name them. You can get to know them.

YouTube commenters had rave reviews. “Filmed with a potato.” “Best video quality on Youtube.” “Volkswagen Beetle.”

The video comes to a head when a snowplow drives by the parked Phantom.  And then a second, smaller snowplow, too. Does the snowplower drive a Rolls-Royce to work? Who’s the second fellow? Why would you park on the side of a country road at night?

The video description says, “This video was made as an homage to a classic 1964 car advert, but do you know which?”

Okay. We get it. Just a little fun trivia. And honestly, we’re for it. We really are. It shows a whimsy for the corporate YouTube channel that doesn’t take itself so seriously. This is good. With most brands trying to co-opt popular culture by tweeting about “bae,” this is preferable.

Happy New Year, Rolls-Royce. We don’t know how you did it, but somehow you managed to surprise us.

Our YouTube Channel Is Excited About Phantoms and Snowplows was last modified: June 30th, 2015 by Rolls-Royce Raleigh


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